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Username's Place - Day

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Sonnet #2

Would you mind if I loved you in this life?

To take on the same air as you might do

To cause you pleasure and lessen your strife

The heady smoke of kindness like surtout

Evenings together and the lightning

Rain pouring down, crisp wind through the net blows

My heart has taken a deep breath on wing

The smile I thought long lost to me now glows

How often i dreamed of feeling wanted

To kiss your lips and tarry longer there

My arms feel hungry now, for them you fed

What once was drab, you see now bayadere

Would you mind if I loved you in this life?

To keep you close to me in my wakerife

8:16PM - Bunny In My Bed

Bunny In My Bed

A rabbit crawled into my bed this morning
told me that his life was boring

Eating lettuce
chasing mice
running from the farmers wife

Digging holes
and drinking water
picking bugs from his hindquarter

Pacing up and down the garden fence
stacking carrots in his residence

Teasing the dog
talking to moles
jumping over logs
and sniffing marigolds

This he said
made his life a bore
he said it made him feel like he was doing chores

I stared at the bunny
and thought of the words he had spoken
and took a moment to drink

I found it quite funny
its not often you get woken
by a bunny whose asking you to think.

In my most serious tone
trying to sound super tough
Mister Bunny, your tale has shown me that life can be rough

But have no fear, for I have the solution
I can give you a resolution

I will pluck off your fur and hold it in tufts
I will glue it to headphones and make me earmuffs
I will boil some water and cook you for dinner
I will cut you in half and make you look thinner
I will dash you with pepper and all kinds of stuff
I will tenderize you gently so your meats not to tough

I grinned a great grin and inhaled deep
the bunny stared back, not making a peep
I could see that his bunny brain was making a leap
His hide I could tell now he wanted to keep

I grinned an evil grin and he started to run
I said hold on bunny, I'm just making fun

You should enjoy your life
and all the things in it
for nothing could be worse than to end on a turnspit

The bunny, he stopped and turned towards his right
His eyes looked like he had just seen the light

Thanks for the insight he said as he loped cross the floor
I will see my life now as not such a bore

With that he was gone, that white herbivore
I guess that's what you get for not locking the door.

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