username (username) wrote,

WOW... asshats abound
*hands out asshats>
Here is an asshat for you, and an asshat for you
*looks for a special asshat*
Here is YOUR special asshat.
*holds up a stack of extra asshats*
Have you been an asshat?
I have an asshat for you.
*hands out more asshats*
Notice that the asshats are a little big.
This is because you are an asshat, and I trust you to grow into it.
*Reaches out and pulls all the asshat's asshats down over their faces*
HA HA HA, look at the asshats... now you cant see.
*kicks all the asshats in the jimmy*
Oops, one doesnt have a jimmy.
*tapes a jimmy to the jimmyless asshat and proceeds to kick it*
I don't much care for asshats.
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