username (username) wrote,

Key of Night ~ By Boo

The day was coming to an end
Sun setting noisily in the distance
birds adding their addendum to the waning light
with chirping in the key of "Night"
the day gave no resistance

From the door a creak was heard
a symphony with the squeak of the swing
then the patter of soft soled feet
the rustle of the leaves complete
as they went off dancing

Clinking cups of sweetness
drips of cold falling like rain
onto her outstretched arm they ran
minute rivulets of water swam
glinting softly as the days light wane

Taking drink she looked at his face
pursing lips she stare
drinking deeply of his eyes
seeing his truth, no buried lies
glass long forgotten... unaware

Her hand grasps his and pulls
his willingness to follow is blatant
he falls beside her enthralled and tense
entrapped willingly, touch making sense
his amour is strong, yet patient

Embraced fully they sit upon the swing
one being between them just
the light of the day has vanished
the feeling grows not banished
this essence built on trust

Yet still they sit and swing
gently gently tween the trees
inhaling together under the moon
his heart is taken, they swoon
enveloped by the breeze
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