username (username) wrote,



Dark light streams in through shutters cracked
some presence lurks and breathes
it's breath is foul
its nails long
its teeth are sharp and green

It makes noises when it moves
it's jaws make clicking clacks
huffing wheezing
drooling sneezing
it's nails going scraaaaaaatch.

Across the bed it comes towards you
a huge and gnarly beast tis true
hair so long
with tangles tight
it wants to eat you up...
there's nothing you can do

Pulling the covers really tight
and wishing you had your mummy
it creaps over cross your legs
and reaches for your tummy
opens up its gaping maw and bites down as if to chew

Your heart begins to race,
but before you get the chance
the door to the room
opens up
and a bright light begins to dance

Like magic the beast is gone and in its place
sits your cuddly teddy bear named Boo
looking soft and snuggly
sitting happy, smiling there
and Daddy's at the light switch and he smiling down at you
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