username (username) wrote,

Thirty Fiver

A poem to commemerate a very fun 45 min in an mmorpg.


Laying on the beach one night
flailing my willy out of spite
and pounding sand with all might might
I came upon a thought... not... right...

Why not make a train says me?!
I could probably gather two or three
friends to jump and yell with glee
and join the elite bourgeoisie

So stick in hand I drank a potion
standing right beside the ocean
showing the zone my fierce devotion
rubbin Masis with suntan lotion

You sir you madam come come and couple
with my merry train so supple
please oh please do not uncouple
oh look, now, we are quintuple!

The train she grew to sizes large
twas a free train...with no surcharge
a train containing no-one named Marge
You know who'd like that? Jordy Lafarge

And still it grew and became immense
containing only Huggers I did sense
it GREW~ and I spare no expense
this thing behind me should not condense

Then suddenly not two, not six
coming in from distant sticks
hooking up and did affix
then turn their eyes and were transfix

an explosion of Huggers did appear
HOLY SHIT some heard me cheer
this train was huge oh my oh dear
yet still i stayed and persevere

An explosion of people came to duck
not happened on us with just luck
my pleas of help some were struck
to come and help its size run amok

Golems, monks and Necros too
came to join a frog named Boo
who duties he did not eschew
takin up the roll of fool

When the call for Time did arrive
all those with me did shuck and jive
my train creation come alive
in numbers reaching thirty-five

Boo ~
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